Glee for All in Miley Cafeteria

Excuse my corniness when I remark that I witnessed something tonight that was truly remarkable.  Miley Cafeteria at Salve Regina University (where I currently go to school) is not usually a very exciting place.  Over-tired, worn out, college students rushing in and out to get a quick meal is usually the social scenery of the scene.  However, tonight’s dinner was a bit different.  Thanks to a new speaker system in the cafeteria, the dining room manager is now able to play music over the whole space.  Tonight, she picked a Pandora Radio station of oldies tunes that everyone could sing a long to…..and boy they did!  Almost everyone in the cafeteria was singing along to tunes such as Sweet Caroline, Build Me Up Buttercup, and Here Comes the Sun to name a few.  This conveniently aligned itself with the first day of Spring.  What impressed me the most, as I sat back and watched classmates beaming as some belted it out while others quietly hummed the melody, was how incredibly transformative this music was to the atmosphere of the cafeteria.  It reminded me of the truly aesthetic and emotional component to music and why it is SO important to expose every single child to this same exact thing.  It also reminded me that common experiences, such as this, are what make any kind of education community (or community in general) special and unique.  People were walking out of Miley tonight (still grinning from ear to ear) talking about how fun going to get food was tonight.    I’m pretty certain I was probably the only music major in there tonight….just goes to show how music can really touch everyone.

In fact, to just drive my point home a little more, I’m sitting in the music department office right now, and a classmate of mine just walked in and asked what I was writing about.  When I asked her if she was in Miley tonight, she replied, “no…but my roommate was.  She told me all about it.  Sweet Caroline, right?”  Glad to see that people really are talking and excited about it.  And OVERJOYED to see something as simple as a good sing a long oldie lift everyones spirits so instantly.  Truly, made my week.


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